Auto Dealer Supply Checklist: Top 5 Moneymaking Supplies for Car Dealerships

Targeted marketing and excellent customer service are important for operating a successful automotive dealership. In order for auto dealers to market themselves effectively and provide well rounded customer service, it’s important that dealerships invest in the right auto dealer supplies. Some dealership marketing accessories have been proven to be more profitable (and cost-effective) than others, and the right customer service documents and accessories can serve as marketing materials.Night Drop Envelopes & BoxesNight drop envelopes, also known as early bird envelopes, can be leveraged by auto dealerships, auto body shops and repair shops to increase repair services while making services more convenient to customers. Customers use secure night drop boxes to drop off their vehicles for repair or maintenance services before or after business hours, making vehicle drop-offs easier and more convenient. Night drop envelope exteriors are printed with labor authorization forms, and many night drop envelope styles include a checklist menu of common maintenance and repair items. This checklist menu can generate more business for auto dealers through “suggestive selling”, suggesting repairs the customer wouldn’t have considered otherwise.GPS Auto Vehicle TrackingGPS auto tracking devices minimize asset loss for auto dealerships in two ways: first, by ensuring vehicles can be easily retrieved if owners default on payments, and second by allowing auto dealerships to quickly recover purchased or leased vehicles which have been stolen.Service Reminder LabelsUsing customized service reminder labels is a simple, inexpensive and effective way for auto dealerships and auto repair shops to encourage repeat business and increase customer repeat frequency. Small static cling service reminder labels can be customized to include business logo, name and contact information, with next recommended service date and type written in. Placed in the upper righthand interior of vehicle windshields, service reminder labels serve as powerful tools for generating more business.Versa Key TagsVersa key tags are the most durable and versatile key tag style available, and they’re the preferred key tag in the auto dealer supply industry. Versa auto key tags are self-laminating, can be written on with any writing utensil, are smudge proof and available in a wide spectrum of colors for easy inventory organization. Auto dealerships can save considerable expenses by using these long-lasting, durable key tags instead of other, less durable styles.Auto Dealership FlagsStrategically decorating an auto dealership lot with antenna flags, swooper flags, large pole flags and paddle flags can alert passersby to sales, new vehicle models and auto dealership specialties. Choosing eye-catching dealership flags with targeted messages is key to generating new business and auto sales. Paddle flags are a new dealership flag style which do not rip and tear like ordinary antenna flags and can quickly be swapped for new flag colors or messages. Auto dealerships can save considerable cost on dealer supplies by choosing to use paddle flags.

3 Small Business Tips You Are Going to Want to See!

You want small business tips? Then, you get them. Everyone needs a little direction to perfect their craft. As a business owner, you are probably too busy to concentrate on the marketing for your company. You have too much to worry about. What are your employees doing? Is your product/service delivering on it’s promise? There is a countless number of worries and troubles small business owners go through. Let me ease the search for smart marketing methods.People buy people…not products.This is one of my favorite small business tips. It doesn’t have to be for just small businesses either. This should be applied in any situation where you are trying to get money in exchange for something else in return. People don’t buy your service or product because of the actual service or product. They buy it because they trust the person they are doing business with. Start training your sales people to think this way and you will see a nice boost in profits very quickly.Diversify Your Marketing!If you’ve been in business for at least 3 years, you probably have your ways set. You always pay that Yellow Pages salesman the couple thousand a month to post your ad. You always send the same promotion or flier out to the same neighborhoods. Here is what needs to be done though. You need to diversify your marketing tactics. Start sending referral coupons instead of the same 50% off coupon. Look into using paid banner ads for online marketing on your local newspapers website. Hold special events for local charities in your business. With anything in life, you need a variety for best results.Perfect What You Already HaveI could throw out a hundred new ways to improve your business right now, but here is one of the small business tips that gets passed by too often. Go through your entire system and make each simple step perfect. Call your business from an outside line and see how many rings it takes for your receptionist to answer the phone (it better be under 2). Have a friend go through your sales funnel and inspect every word or thought that gets thrown at them. Survey your best customers and find out how you could get them back in your store more often. There are a ton of ways to make what you already have perfect. You just have to test and improve.These three small business tips are simple and highly effective for boosting business in a short amount of time. There is no reason not to implement these today.

The Many Uses of the DUR-A-LITE in Industrial Machine Lighting

For anyone who works in and around heavy machinery, industrial lighting is a major concern. The truth is, few lights can stand up to the demands placed on industrial machine lighting. Since 1988, one industrial lighting choice has stood out above other choices: the DUR-A-LITE. This light is designed to handle all the abuses endured by an industrial lamp mounted on a machine. If you’re looking for industrial machine lighting for metal stamping presses, a lathe light, a mill light or any other machine light, consider these benefits of specially designed industrial machine lighting choices.The Original ModelThe original DUR-A-LITE consists of one, two or three LED lamps housed in a clear polycarbonate outer tube with sealed ends. The tube is shock resistant and fitted with anti-strobe ballast. The lamps are watertight and feature an oil-resistant power cord. The full-length aluminum backbone offers structural rigidity to stand up to the rigors of heavy industrial use. It’s available in a range of lengths and wattages, with and without a diffuser and with a variety of mounting options. It also offers three options for protective outer tubes.Tough-ShieldThe Tough-Shield is a virtually unbreakable outer tube enclosing and protecting the lamps. It’s the most basic option and is only recommended if the machine lights are not being used around lubricants, chemicals or hot chips.Chem-ShieldThe Chem-Shield outer tubes are recommended for applications where the lights may be exposed to chemicals and lubricants. The shield is resistant to most lubricants and many chemicals and is recommended for applications like CNC machines.Chip-ShieldIndustrial machine lights installed as mill lights and lathe lights, and on screw machines or other turning applications need extra protection from flying hot chips. The Chip-Shield is specially created to resist breakage and weakening from flying chips of metal and other materials.This specialty light also comes with an optional diffuser, which helps spread the light along the entire length of the tube while reducing the likelihood of glare when you use the light near reflective surfaces.The Right Mount OptionChoosing the proper mounting option for your application can enhance the machine lights you choose. Generally, your choices fall into two categories: fixed or temporary. Fixed industrial machine lighting is appropriate in situations where the need for light is constant. Temporary machine lights are appropriate in situations where the need for light in a particular area is intermittent, such as for maintenance or repair.Fixed MountsDirect mounts attach the light to a flat surface on the machine or wall, usually with screws or rivets. Direct mounted industrial machine lights are most appropriate for applications where the location and direction of illumination needed will remain constant.Flexible direct mounts are ideal for applications where the general area that needs illumination remains constant, but the direction and intensity may vary depending on the work being done. The machine lights are mounted at the end of a flexible gooseneck that can be adjusted to direct the light precisely where the worker needs it to be.Magnetic mounts are best for applications where there is a need for a portable light that can be attached quickly to a metal surface. They’re the perfect mounts for lighting used for maintenance and repair situations. Some may also have flexible necks to make them more useful.Whatever your industrial illumination needs are, the right industrial lighting company will have a solution – or be able to customize one for you. Call in an expert to help you with your press shop lighting needs.